Course Listings

If you are interested in engineering entrepreneurship, commercializing technology, or starting a company, please see the list of TEC courses offered below. TEC courses are intended for students who want to understand the business issues in engineering, as well as how new technology-based businesses are created and managed. Please note that at this time, oncampus students are not able to take online Engineering courses.

We recommend starting with TE/ENG 298: Introduction to ILEE, which introduces you to the concepts of innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship, TE/ENG 250, which introduces you to the overall technology entrepreneurial ecosystem, and TE/ENG 360, which introduces you to the broad spectrum of basic entrepreneurship issues through various guest lecturers.

Students who have taken TEC courses have enjoyed gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to further their career paths, whether it is in a start-up, an existing enterprise, or someone in between.