TE 298 HS - Communication for Tech Innovators

Course Description

This class explores the common characteristics of messages that influence people to change their behavior. It follows the framework in the book, "Made to Stick", by Chip & Den Heath and consists of brief and fund exercises designed to hone those skills. This course is valuable to everyone, but especially useful for innovators who must pitch their ideas to partners, investors and customers.

Additional Information

See below for an example of the course syllabus. Please note that the final course syllabus for each semester will be distributed to students enrolled in the course.

Course Syllabus Example.

Spring 2017 schedule

Communication Tech InnovatorsTE298HS65618LCD11500 - 1620 W  106B8 Engineering Hall Harlee Sorkin
Communication Tech InnovatorsTE598HS65622LCD11500 - 1620 W  106B8 Engineering Hall Harlee Sorkin