TE 298 ILE - Introduction to Innovation, Leadership and Engineering Entrepreneurship

Course Description

Introduction course to innovation, leadership, and engineering entrepreneurship as a field of study. The student will learn about innovation and leadership, professionalism and ethics, hear from guest entrepreneurial lecturers, and tour innovative/entrepreneurial spaces. While working in small teams, students will pitch a problem, develop solutions, learn to work as a team, and hone their written and verbal presentation skills.

Additional Information

See below for an example of the course syllabus. Please note that the final course syllabus for each semester will be distributed to students enrolled in the course.

Example Course Syllabus

Spring 2017 schedule

Intro Innov and Ldrshp EngENG298ILE53204LEC11100 - 1150 R  2320 Digital Computer Lab Bruce Elliott-Litchfield
Intro Innov and Ldrshp EngTE298ILE62872LEC11100 - 1150 R  2320 Digital Computer Lab Bruce Elliott-Litchfield