TE 461 - Technology Entrepreneurship

Course Description

Critical factors affecting technology-based ventures: opportunity assessment; the entrepreneurial process; founders and team building; preparation of a business plan including market research, marketing and sales, finance, and manufacturing consideration.

Prerequisites or Restrictions

Prerequisite: MATH 231.

Additional Information

See below for an example of the course syllabus. Please note that the final course syllabus for each semester will be distributed to students enrolled in the course.

Course Syllabi

*Please note that this course counts towards the MENG Professional Development coursework.

Spring 2017 schedule

Technology EntrepreneurshipENG461A55946LCD0900 - 1120 R  1022 Lincoln Hall Brian Peter Lilly
Technology EntrepreneurshipENG461ONL55714ONL3 -    Brian Peter Lilly
Technology EntrepreneurshipTE461A48501LCD30900 - 1120 R  1022 Lincoln Hall Brian Peter Lilly
Technology EntrepreneurshipTE461ONL57702ONL -    Brian Peter Lilly