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5 Unique Places to do Homework Around Campus
Onna Akuba

At the University of Illinois, we have over twenty libraries to choose from. Everyone has their favorite library and that is normally where most people go to study or do homework. However, there are some locations that aren’t as widely known or popular that could good places to study or get work done. I’m going to present to you a short list of unique places to study or do homework. This list will be good to keep in mind during finals week or midterms when all the libraries are over-crowded and you just can’t seem to find a seat at your favorite spot. I know that has happened to me way too many times, so this is meant to serve as future guidance when you find yourself in that situation or you just want to try out a new study spot.


1. The Second Floor Hallway of Lincoln Hall

This is one of my favorite places to go when I just don’t feel like studying in a library environment. It’s a long hallway filled with about six circle tables and chairs lined up against the wall. That wall also has huge windows, so the natural lighting is perfect for day time studying. Lincoln Hall is located right on quad so it’s a good spot to visit right after classes. This place of study is more unique than the other ones. I like to come here in between my classes since a lot of my classes are in Huff Hall. It gives you a good feeling and pride to be an Illini as you study.

2. Entrance Area of the Education Building

Like the second floor of Lincoln Hall, the entrance way of the Education Building also has perfect lighting for day time studying. It has one large glass window that makes the area what it is. There are about five round tables and couches with desk to choose from. During the day, it can get a little busy due to the traffic of students going to and from classes, but I believe the best time for studying is late afternoon/evening. That way you can watch the sky changes colors through the large glass windows.

3. Krannert Preforming Arts Center

This area is a place that I like to go randomly. This is also the place on this list with the most seating. The lights are normally dimmed, so I wouldn’t recommend it for hard studying, but it’s a nice, chill environment to do homework. However, since it is a performance center, you have to be cautious of the days that you decide to go and study. There could be a really popular performance happening, which will end up making the building a little nosey and crowded. Information on what days there are preformances can be fround at the Krannert Performing Art's Center website

4. Basketball Court Bleachers in Huff Hall

This place of study is more unique than the other ones. I like to come here in between my classes since a lot of my classes are in Huff Hall. Coming here gives me a good feeling and a strong sense of pride to be an Illini all while studying. Like Krannert, you have to be cautious of which days you decide to come because there may be a sporting event going on and you could get distracted. 

5. The Basement of the English Building

This is the perfect place to do group studying. That is normally the main reason why I go there. They have comfortable chairs and a lot of tables to choose from. The English Building is located right on the quad, so it’s a perfect place to go in between classes. On another note, there is a campus rumor that the English Building is haunted. It’s the perfect place to study for students that are superstitious and interested in learning more about the building's ghostly history. 

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Sarah Gives the Best Places to Experience Art on Campus

The University of Illinois provides a variety of cultural experiences and places ranging from performing arts to nature preserves. Home to more than 9,000 works of art and more than 46,000 artifacts, the University is both an academic and artistic hub! Below I have shared a few of my favorite and unique places on campus to explore.  

  1. Krannert Art Museum

In most of my Art History courses, I have been required to visit the museum for research projects and writing assignments. Exploring the exhibits at Krannert is one of my favorite ways to unwind, experience something new, and get creative inspiration. Visit the museum webpage to learn more about current exhibitions and hours.

  1. Japan House

The Japan House is unique to the University of Illinois and is truly a gem on campus! Located near the Arboretum, the Japan House is a beautiful place to spend time and immerse yourself in the zen gardens and authentic architecture. Check out the calendar to find out when you can participate in a traditional tea ceremony or special event.

  1. Rare Book and Manuscript Library

The University of Illinois is home to one of the largest libraries in North America. Located on the third floor of the Main Library is the Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Featuring a special collection of rare books, it is a fun place to explore whether you are there for research or personal interest.

Visit www.illinois.edu/arts for more information on museums, performance spaces, and cultural events!

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