Lead Software Developer

Ashey Hipsher

Lead Software Developer

Project Air is a startup building a peer-to-peer payment system that uses virtual currency technology to make secure online payment less than a third the cost of Paypal. This is an exciting opportunity to work with emerging technology in a highly skilled, rapidly growing business.
We’re looking to hire a long term, full time Lead Web Development Partner to do back-end WebApp development on the Air server software, as well as some work on front-end client software and WebApp API. 

The developer will have office space at the Chicago Innovation Exchange but will also be able to work from home. Hours will be very flexible, so long as progress is communicated and deadlines are met. Developers have access to a large network of resources at the University of Chicago, Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Chicago Innovation Exchange, and Booth School of Business.

Developers will need to:

1.    Work primarily with AngularJS, JQuery, JavaScript (Node JS), JSON, and Unix-based systems
2.    Co-Develop with larger development teams and companies such as Surge and Clarity Consulting
3.    Work on an existing prototype software and develop it into a market-ready product, as well as introduce new features.
4.    Set and articulate deadlines and project planning incrementally and stick to a continuous schedule
5.    Offer consistent documentation and communication with the whole team on a regular basis. 

Additional experience that is desired but not necessary: 

1.    Encryption and security protocols
2.    User Experience (UX) Design
3.    Cryptocurrency Technology
4.    Ruby on Rails
5.    HTML5 
6.    Distributed computing 

For more information about the position and the team, and to apply with either a resume, C.V., or portfolio, please contact Taylor James at t.h.james@live.com