Chicago Booth Startup Looking for CTO

11/22/2016 9:05:21 AM

Job Descripton:

CTO in charge of the development of Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange platform. Software development will be divided into three prototypes:

1. The first prototype will comprise the software infrastructure. We are initially requiring code to be written in java but are flexible on analyzing other coding languages. This prototype must contain:

  1. User account system that allows users to register, maintain a balance, deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies, and place buy and sell orders. A two factor authentication system must be embedded in the user creation platform.
  2. A hot/cold bitcoin wallet system that keeps most of the bitcoins offline and is integrated with the user account interphase.
  3. A matching engine that receives buy and sell orders and executes these trades.

2. The second prototype will account for aesthetics and will set up a payment processor with each corresponding user account. This prototype must deliver the functionality of receiving credit card and banking (ACH) payments for cryptocurrency purchase.

3. Final prototype will be widely tested and checked for errors/bugs. 

All code and software must adhere strictly to CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS)

Please submit resumes to: