WeSpline Inc. Hiring Software Engineer

12/12/2016 2:27:05 PM

Software Engineer




CATEGORY: Software & Web Development


STATUS: Full-Time


STARTING DATE: Beginning of 2017


WHERE: Research Park, Atkins Building, 1800 S. Oak St., suite 106, Champaign, IL, 61820


CONTACT EMAIL: sabra@sabracapital.com.br


COMPANY DESCRIPTION: WeSpline will be a platform to connect Enterprises that want to

adopt technological innovations to Startups that develop such innovations. Currently, tech

scouters dominate this multi-billion dollar market. However, the market is very fragmented with

many individuals giving scattered tech recommendations to their clients. This fragmentation

creates regional bias and inefficiency. We will offer Enterprises a better value proposition. It will

be a lot cheaper, quicker, and more efficient for them to learn about a given technology/startup

through our platform. Also, we will offer Startups the opportunity to get exposed to hundreds of

Enterprises. Many deals – ranging from commercialization of technology to partnerships/JVs,

investments, and M&As –are expected to be initiated through our platform.


JOB DESCRIPTION: A software engineer will be responsible for developing the platform and

coordinating a team of programmers. The candidate must be proficient in multiple areas of

computer science and engineering, including information retrieval, data mining and data

analysis, RDBMS, DBMS, driver development, distributed computing, networking, security and

user interface design.


WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: The candidate must have an entrepreneurial spirit and be

pro-active. The candidate needs to be confident enough to take this challenge, but also humble

enough to seek orientation from advisors (mentors, professors, colleagues, etc.) whenever

needed. The candidate must be a responsible person and have leadership skills.

COMPENSATION: We offer competitive compensation.


To apply, please email your resume to sabra@sabracapital.com.br