April 24 2014

Undergraduate Certificate

Technology Commercialization (TC)

The Certificate in Technology Commercialization (TC) is for undergraduate engineering and science students. Understanding the commercialization of technology is becoming increasingly critical for engineers and technologists. With an emphasis on creativity and innovation, this certificate program is designed to provide students the knowledge base needed to explore the various options for commercializing technology. The goal of the program is to help produce the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Technology Commercialization courses are developed and taught by outstanding faculty members in the department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering, legal experts and notable innovators.

The program is composed of one fundamental course and three hours of elective courses. The courses are designed to allow students to gain a general understanding of the technology commercialization landscape, then to apply that knowledge in a practical manner to an innovation.

If you have any questions related to TEC courses or certificates, please contact Brooke Newell.


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