Innovation, Leadership, and Engineering Entrepreneurship

The Innovation, Leadership, and Engineering Entrepreneurship (ILEE) certificate program is designed for undergraduate non-engineering students. The ILEE certificate is for  students who seek the skills necessary to grow, build, design, and lead innovative technology companies. The requirements consist of a combination of classroom and experiential aspects of innovation, leadership, and engineering entrepreneurship. Students receiving the ILEE certificate will have a set of skills that will enable them to be valuable contributors within small companies, launch own ventures, or be innovative and entrepreneurial leaders within larger corporations.

Students interested in enrolling in the ILEE certificate programs must:

  • Complete the application (ideally, prior to enrolling in coursework)
  • Mark that you are working towards the ILEE Certificate in DARS

Required coursework: Complete the required set of courses:

  • TE 150: Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3 credit hours)* OR
    • TE 250: High-Tech Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise (2 credit hours)** &
    • TE 100: Introduction to Innovation, Leadership, and Engineering Entrepreneurship (1 credit hour)
  • TE 230: Design Thinking/Need-Finding (3 credit hours)***
  • TE 333: Creativity, Innovation, and Vision (4 credit hours)
  • TE 360: Lectures in Engineering Entrepreneurship (1 credit hour)
  • GE 361: Emotional Intelligence Skills (3 credit hours)
  • TE 398 PSC: Innovation and Engineering Design (2 credit hours)
  • TE 401: Develop Breakthrough Projects (4 credit hours)****
  • TE 450: Startups: Inc, Fund, Contracts, IP (3 credit hours)*****
  • TE 461: Technology Entrepreneurship (3 credit hours)
  • TE 466: High-Tech Venture Marketing (2 credit hours)
  • TE 498: Leading Sustainable Change (3 credit hours)

Once you've completed the requirements, please fill out the certificate application:




  • Maintain a 3.0 average or better in each of the courses that make up the certificate program in order for them to qualify for the certificate.

*Course restricted to LLC students.

** This course was previously called TE/ENG 298: High-Tech Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise

***This course was previously called ENG 298: User Oriented Collaborative Design. This course is only available for ENG and ID students. For non ENG and non ID students, the following course is required: TE 498: Professional Leadership and Practice (3 credit hours).

****This course was previously called ENG/TE 298/398/498: Breakthrough Innovation Teams

*****This course was previously called ENG/TE 398: Legal Issues in Engineering Entrepreneurship

If you have any questions, please contact Terry Cole at

Technology Entrepreneur Center

Engineering at Illinois

351 Coordinated Science Lab, MC-228
1308 W. Main Street
Urbana, IL 61801

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