TE 398 F -

Course Description

This course will examine a host of ways that aspiring tech entrepreneurs might cobble together enough cash to make their ideas come to life. We will examine the difference between dilutive & non-dilutive funding. We will learn the value of debt vs. equity. We will explore ways to find early check-writers, and identify and develop plans for timely pursuit of both government and private grant programs. The course will follow the chronological progression of an early-stage venture and cover likely funding sources at each stage. In addition, we will cover company valuation, terms and potential pitfalls. In each instance, we will use real-world examples and speakers to illustrate the concepts. This is intended as a practical course that will translate to your own venture so that you come away with a funding strategy to position yourself for success.

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Summer 2018 schedule

Technology Entrepreneur Center

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351 Coordinated Science Lab, MC-228
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