TE 398 WP - Hip Hop Entrepreneurship

Course Description

Students will explore the cultural landscape of urban America and how technology, engineering, and social entrepreneurship are contextualized and repurposed to support the development and enhancement of existing industries. Using that approach, students will look at how to redevelop existing urban spaces and envision how new millennial spaces will look and function. Principals in fundraising, incubating, marketing, business plan development, sales, intellectual property protection, and business management will be explored. In addition to guest lecturers, entrepreneurial students will collaborate on project-based initiatives in areas including sustainable energy, economic development, affordable housing, STEM education in public schools.

Spring 2018 schedule

Hip Hop EntrepreneurshipAFRO398WP48359LCD1800 - 1950 R  29B Wardall Hall - ISR William Patterson
Hip Hop EntrepreneurshipTE398WP64184LCD31800 - 1950 R  29B Wardall Hall - ISR William Patterson

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