TE 460 - Entrepreneurship for Engrs A

Course Description

Fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship and commercialization of new technology in new and existing engineering and high-tech businesses. Guest speaker topics vary, but typically include: evaluation of technologies and business ideas in general; commercializing new technologies; financing through private and public sources; legal issues; product development; marketing; international business issues.

Prerequisites or Restrictions

Credit is not given for both TE 360 and TE 460.

Additional Information

See below for an example of the course syllabus. Please note that the final course syllabus for each semester will be distributed to students enrolled in the course.

Course Syllabi

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*Please note that this course counts towards the MENG Professional Development coursework.

Spring 2018 schedule

Lect in Engrg EntrepreneurshipTE360A51374LCD1700 - 1830 W  1404 Siebel Center for Comp Sci  Chris Harbourt
Lect in Engrg EntrepreneurshipTE460A54062LCD1700 - 1830 W  1404 Siebel Center for Comp Sci  Chris Harbourt
Lect in Engrg EntrepreneurshipTE460ONC68012ONL1 -     Chris Harbourt
Andrew Singer
Lect in Engrg EntrepreneurshipTE460ONL57701ONL -     Chris Harbourt
Andrew Singer

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