TE 460 - Lectures in Engineering Entrepreneurship

Course Description

Fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship and commercialization of new technology in new and existing engineering and high-tech businesses. Guest speaker topics vary, but typically include: evaluation of technologies and business ideas in general; commercializing new technologies; financing through private and public sources; legal issues; product development; marketing; international business issues.

ONC = Online, for students on campus
ONL = Online, for off-campus students taking only online classes

Prerequisites or Restrictions

Credit is not given for both TE 360 and TE 460.

Additional Information

Course Syllabus (for Chris Harbourt's Spring 2020 section)

*Please note that this course counts towards the MENG Professional Development coursework.

Fall 2020 schedule

Lect in Engrg EntrepreneurshipTE360A53023LCD1700 - 1820 R  1320 Digital Computer Lab  Chris Harbourt
Lect in Engrg EntrepreneurshipTE460A56934LCD1700 - 1820 R  1320 Digital Computer Lab  Chris Harbourt
Lect in Engrg EntrepreneurshipTE460ONC69707ONL -     Chris Harbourt
Lect in Engrg EntrepreneurshipTE460ONL60408ONL -     Chris Harbourt

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