TE 466 - High-Tech Venture Marketing

Course Description

Cornerstone marketing concepts for innovators and engineers to enable analysis of products and technologies from a marketing perspective: engineering product development and adoption life cycle; objectives and strategies; marketing management; communication skills; sales process and tactics; special considerations for new high-tech engineering products and innovations.

ONC = Online, for students on campus
ONL = Online, for off-campus students taking only online classes

Additional Information

View the TE 466 syllabus.

Spring 2021 schedule

High-Tech Venture MarketingTE466A62153LCD21700 - 1850 T    Shahbaz S. Gill
High-Tech Venture MarketingTE466ONC68016ONL2 -    Shahbaz S. Gill
High-Tech Venture MarketingTE466ONL57703ONL -    Shahbaz S. Gill

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