TE 497 - Independent Study

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Recent student independent study experiences:

  • Work with Brian Lilly on Young Engineering Initiative in Kibera (Africa).
    • Developed program of study for students in K-8 to learn to draw 2D with sketch pad/colored pencils and learn spacial concepts with Legos
    • Developed CAD program and how to teach K-8 students to interface between computer and 3D printer
    • Students working on this project said:
      • "...Englightened me to the importance of engineering as a discipline especially in underdeveloped countries...I will continue to use the skills I developed during this project to drive innovation in my professional career."
      • "I greatly value this experience, as it helped me develop the skills I need to pursue my goal of being a globally-engaged educator with a mission of using engineering as a force for social change."

Spring 2018 schedule

Independent StudyTE497AS61346IND -    Andrew Singer
Independent StudyTE497BL61343IND -     Brian Lilly
Independent StudyTE497BV61348IND -    Bruce A Vojak
Independent StudyTE497HLS64551IND -    Harlee Sorkin
Independent StudyTE497JB61344IND -     Jennifer Bechtel
Independent StudyTE497JMB61352IND -    Joseph M Barich
Independent StudyTE497RC61347IND -    Rhiannon L Clifton
Independent StudyTE497RV61345IND -    Robert M Valli
Independent StudyTE497SC61349IND -    Sanjiv Chopra
Independent StudyTE497SG68486LCD -    Shahbaz S. Gill
Independent StudyTE497SP61351IND -    Sanjay J. Patel
Independent StudyTE497WH61350IND -    Wen-Mei W Hwu
Independent StudyTE497WP68480IND -    William Patterson

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