TE 567 - Venture Funded Startups

Course Description

Concepts, tools, and language used by venture capitalists (VCs). Venture-scale opportunity assessment and articulation; venture capital financing and valuation; deal structure; term sheets; financial plans for startups; customer development and marketing; product iterations; sales execution.

Additional Information

See below for an example of the course syllabus. Please note that the final course syllabus for each semester will be distributed to students enrolled in the course.

Course Syllabi

*Please note that this course counts towards the MENG Professional Development coursework.

Fall 2017 schedule

Venture Funded StartupsTE567A54757LCD1400 - 1450 F  335 Mechanical Engineering Bldg Sanjiv Chopra
Venture Funded StartupsTE567ONC69713ONL -    Sanjiv Chopra
Venture Funded StartupsTE567ONL60416ONL -    Sanjiv Chopra

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