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To enter any of the Zoom rooms below, please use the password: InnoExpo20. Also, check out the short videos next to each exhibitor's logo to learn more about who they are and what they do, if you'd like, before entering the Zoom room.




Champaign Public Library/Launch at the Library

Use our comprehensive business databases to acquire industry profiles, analyze market research, create a business plan, and more.  You can also book a one-on-one session with any of our librarians or attend a webinar from an industry specialist.
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CU Community Fab Lab

The CU Community Fab Lab is an open, collaborative, capacity-building makerspace. We strive to enable makers of all kinds through instruction, open access, mentoring, community engagement, and research.
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Design Innovation Illinois

Design Innovation Illinois is a collective of students from all backgrounds who love design. We develop useful workshops and take on impactful projects to create community and prepare each other for the future of design.
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Founders is UIUC's premier student entrepreneurship nonprofit. Our upcoming event, 54 Startup Weekend, is the perfect opportunity to get first-hand experience in entrepreneurship with an interdisciplinary group of student innovators.
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Hoeft Technology & Management Program

The Hoeft Technology & Management Program is a joint university minor within Gies College of Business and The Grainger College of Engineering. Here, you will work with other undergraduate engineering and business students to develop comprehensive solutions to real-world problems.
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Illinois Enactus

Here at Illinois Enactus, we make every effort to achieve the impossible through the power of entrepreneurial action. We transform lives and strive to shape a better, more sustainable world.
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Illinois Leadership Center (ILC)

The Illinois Leadership Center (ILC) is a campus resource hub designed to provide comprehensive leadership education and training to all students at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Our work at the ILC is to study about leadership and teach students the relevant skills to be effective leaders so that they can make positive impacts for society. We offer a wide variety of opportunities focused on building key leadership competencies.
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Illinois Maker Lab

The world's first 3D printing lab in a business school! Learn how digital fabrication is changing the way we create objects through workshops, volunteering, and more! Come join us at BIF on the third floor (limited in-person) or visit our website!
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Illinois Small Business Development Center at Champaign County EDC

The Illinois SBDC at Champaign County EDC is part of America's Small Business Development Center Network, the most comprehensive small business assistance network in the United States.
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Illinois Ventures

Illinois Ventures is the University of Illinois System's venture capital arm, investing in tech and life science startups emanating from the university system. Along with our evergreen public funds that are set aside for University of Illinois-related investments, we manage traditional venture capital funds focused on tech and life science innovation.
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Innovation, Leadership, & Engineering Entrepreneurship (ILEE) BS Dual Degree

The BS Dual Degree in ILEE, offered by the Technology Entrepreneur Center, is a unique and exciting degree opportunity available to any undergraduate student whose primary department is within The Grainger College of Engineering. The Technology Entrepreneur Center also offers certificates to students across campus.
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iVenture Accelerator

iVenture Accelerator is a university-wide program based in Gies College of Business that provides opportunities for student-led startups to create economic and social value. You receive the time, space, resources, and mentorship needed to turn your idea into a scalable venture.
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Office of Technology Management (OTM)

The Office of Technology Management moves the innovations that result from University research into public use by protecting and licensing University intellectual property.
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Origin Ventures Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership (OVAEL)

OVAEL provides a variety of programs to support an inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem at Illinois. Learn more about opportunities related to social entrepreneurship/innovation programs, Women in Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurs Without Borders, and iVenture Accelerator.
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Research Park and EnterpriseWorks

The Research Park at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a technology hub for startup companies and corporate research and development operations. EnterpriseWorks (EW), an incubator facility and resource center for science and technology focused entrepreneurs. EW holds educational, social, and networking events to facilitate community and provide a place where startups can connect with established national and international corporations.
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Siebel Center for Design

Siebel Center for Design's mission is to practice, model, and teach design thinking, using human-centered design to re-imagine our campus, community, and collective world.
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Startup City Scholars

Through the Startup City Scholars program, students are able to spend a semester as an Engineering City Scholar and also be a part of the prestigious College New Venture Challenge (CNVC) hosted by the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Chicago.
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Technology Entrepreneur Center (TEC)

The Technology Entrepreneur Center is a resource for all students and faculty across campus to pursue entrepreneurship and to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. TEC offers progams such as SocialFuse, the Cozad New Venture Challenge, the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Workshop, and Entrepreneurial Advising. TEC also offers a wide variety of entrepreneurial courses, certificates, and the Innovation, Leadership, and Engineering Entrepreneurship (ILEE) BS dual degree.
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Tekmill devlops concept and implements them through engineering design to prototyping and finished product, TEKMILL engineers offer their expertise and experience in every aspect of product development. With a dedicated team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, TEKMILL collaborates with clients to bring ideas to market.
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Zero2One is a community of student entrepreneurs collectively pursuing our startup, non-profit, and business ventures. Through the constant support from our peers, advisors, and resources, we empower students to pursue their most ambitious goals and overcome their most challenging obstacles.
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Ascent Integrated Tech

We are building human augmentation technology to enhance the productivity and safety of workers in extreme environments. Our first product is the Shield Modular Protection System. This high-tech mask aims to protect the user while also enhancing their perception with actionable alerts, step by step instructions, and new ways to communicate with an onboard assistant.
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Campus Ventures

Campus Ventures aims to improve social mobility by gamifying the college application process for underrepresented high school students. We centralize college application resources and provide peer mentoring in an effort to reduce disparities resulting from differential investment in students of varied racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
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NASADYA solves the growing problem of variability management in the energy grid for power plants by converting a money losing by-product (excess energy) into valuable co-products (hydrogen & oxygen).
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Natrion's new solid-state sodium-ion battery technology makes solar power safer, durable, cost-effective for homes, businesses, and the military.
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Teneez is a premium sneaker rental company. Think rent the runway, but for sneakers.
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vrtumind: AI mental health

We make habit-forming mental health exercises using AI.
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Technology Entrepreneur Center

The Grainger College of Engineering

351 Coordinated Science Lab, MC-228
1308 W. Main Street
Urbana, IL 61801

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