The RSO For Me: Illini Film & Video

Eric Mo
10/9/2017 10:25:21 AM


I’m a member of a RSO on campus called Illini Film and Video. This is my senior year so I’ve been in my fair share of clubs. I went into phases where I would be a diehard member in one club and drop out of it the next month. The only club that I stuck with is IFV, since it attracts people with the same interests as me. 


What is it?

Pretty much what we do is get people together and connect them to make productions happen. If someone has an idea, we’ll have them talk to a screenwriter and make a script. If the script is already written, we’ll assemble a team of directors, directors of photography, producers, actors, editors, etc. so we can see the script come to life. It’s pretty much like Social Fuse but for filmmaking. Also, if people want to learn more about the craft, we host workshops on writing, camerawork, editing, and sound. 

Why IFV?

What I like so much about IFV is the relaxed and laid back nature of the people in the RSO. There’s no dues to pay, no one gets mad if you don’t go to a meeting, there’s no petty drama or club politics, and we all get along pretty well. Ultimately, you get to choose how involved you want to be and the most passionate hardworking people usually stay while the casual members are free to come and go whenever they want. I feel that a lot of organizations I’ve been a part of force you to participate and sometimes even make you drag friends to events they host. The freedom that IFV allows makes it easy to see who’s really into film. 

I’m really hyped for all the projects and events that are going to happen this year. We want to get our films into festivals while also teaching newcomers the process of filmmaking. Hopefully we’ll be able to expand the film scene on campus and increase general interest in movies! If you want to learn more check out our website

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