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GoodWerk is looking for a CTO!

8/9/2017 2:39:50 PM

GoodWerk is looking for a CTO to help bring to life a new platform pushing young people off the sidelines and turn them into the next generation of progressive donors and doers online. Our mission is to marry mobile-first, loud, digital content with a platform for candidate/cause discovery and donation, making it a permanent home of progressive action for the social media generation. Think Schoolhouse Rock meets Gawker meets ActBlue.

This project is already underway with some initial high-fidelity mockups and a development sprint to get an MVP up by September and running for Elections 2017. What we would absolutely LOVE is a full-time CTO that buys into the concept and wants to grow with GoodWerk. We’d love to be able to say: GoodWerk was really only an idea until >your name here< got involved!

Our short-term goals are to:

  • Use compelling web design (some of which is already created) to show our target audiences an intuitive platform for political content and donation opportunities

  • Integrate pre-built, next-gen political developer tools from the folks at Groundwork (the backbone of the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign website/stack) for payment processing and other services

  • Build this platform in React and Ruby on Rails, or similar tools that work with the current status of our development project.

Interesting things that are not in the ‘job description,’ per se:

  • From the very beginning, we are going to be very conscious of some cognitive science ideas that we think will boost our effectiveness – things like tone, button placement, attaching meaningful units to things, etc. We will want to build in the data tracking and experimentation tools (e.g. Optimizely) we need to make informed decisions about these choices.

  • Along with a behavioral scientist, GoodWerk is backed by some of Chicago’s best and brightest: Austan Goolsbee, John Paul Rollert, UChicago’s Social Enterprise Initiative and a cadre of former OFA/HFA organizers

  • This platform is built to magnify the voice and wallet of the Millennial generation. We estimate that the work that we do in 2017, for example, can push over $500k to elect progressive candidates in WA, NJ, VA, MI and elsewhere.

  • We are incorporated as a nonprofit (and a PAC), but this isn’t a charity! GoodWerk is currently fundraising for the 2017 pilot and 2018 buildout and we estimate self-sustaining revenue by mid-2018.

If interested, get in touch with Jake Mikva at jake@goodwerk.org or 914-584-3319.


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