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Siebel Center for Design is searching for Student Ambassadors

8/10/2017 1:38:38 PM

The Siebel Center for Design (SC4D) is looking for student ambassadors throughout the 2017-18 academic year. If you’re interested in learning all you can about this exciting new endeavor and getting other students interested in activities at the SC4D, please submit your resume here. We will contact you for a briefing session and an interview. Here are more details about the position:

The new Siebel Center for Design is one component of a large cross-campus, multidisciplinary effort to harness the potential of design thinking and design learning in our teaching, research and engagement. The Center will be a new facility featuring more than 60,000 square feet of program space (breaking ground soon) and will serve as the central station and headquarters for a campus network. Students from across campus and all fields of study will explore ideas and master skills through action—immersing, designing, making, doing. We are looking for a team of student  ambassadors to help spread excitement and increase awareness across campus.  

These students will be responsible for:

  • Learning about design thinking and being involved in promotional workshops etc
  • Creating and executing marketing activities to increase awareness of the SC4D
    • Handing out flyers and promotional items at events; speaking at registered student organization meetings; other activities as needed
  • Leveraging your student network and knowledge to enhance marketing tactics
  • Assisting in identifying what activities and events should be held at the SC4D now and once the building is created
  • Assisting in establishing campus partnerships under direction from the Director of the SC4D
  • Assisting in putting processes in place for use of the equipment and building amenities
  • Familiarizing yourself and becoming an expert on all details for the SC4D and act as an “information desk” for others who have questions

Please submit your resume here by September 12th. We will contact you for an interview. Thank you.

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