Keilin Jahnke
Keilin Jahnke
Teaching Assistant Professor

Keilin Jahnke is a TEC Teaching Assistant Professor. She recently completed her Ph.D. studies in Agricultural and Biological Engineering at the University of Illinois with a research focus on international engineering projects and the social, cultural, and political impact on rural communities. Keilin teaches courses on international engineering, innovation, creativity, and design thinking, and helps students acquire effective strategies to identify and define problems, and work through the design process and create innovative solutions.


Recent Courses Taught

  • ENG 198 PD - IEFX Professional Development
  • ENG 333 (TE 333) - Creativity, Innovation, Vision
  • ENG 598 C2 (ENG 598 CIV) - Creativity, Innovation, Vision
  • TE 100 - Intro to ILEE
  • TE 200 - Introduction to Innovation
  • TE 401 A (TE 401 B, TE 401 C, TE 401 E, TE 401 G, TE 401 H, TE 401 IND, TE 401 LL1, TE 401 LL2) - TE 401 at LLC Innovation
  • TE 598 A (TE 598 AC, TE 598 C2, TE 598 CR2) - Creativity, Innovation, Vision