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Next SocialFuse: Wed., Feb. 3, 5:00-6:30pm


Looking for teammates to move your idea forward? Make your idea a reality at SocialFuse: a recurring pitching and networking event for you! Come pitch your ideas, find teammates to scale your startup, or just sit back and check things out. Up to 20 teams are selected to pitch; you will receive an email if you are selected, however, late entries may be added pending availability.

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Connect with Startups That Pitched on Nov. 18


6 Sensory Meditation Bench
A futuristic meditation bench that stimulates, relaxes, and engages all 6 senses.

Full Stack Hardware Genius, Creative Technical Spirit

University of Chicago

Kevin Jain

Ascent Integrated Tech (AIT)
We are building a next-generation mask platform to enhance human performance in extreme environments.

Hardware Engineering Interns, Front End (UI/UX) Developers, Graphic Design Interns, Financial Modeling Interns

University of Illinois

Paul Couston

Band Toogether
Band Toogether is a digital platform that will connect musicians with each other and space where they can create music.

Software Development, Marketing

University of Illinois

David Brewer

We use augmented reality in a 3D virtual try-on service while also gathering data analytics to better reduce waste in fast fashion supply chains.

Data Management, CS, Product Development

University of Illinois

Megana Adigal

Dhruvi Patel

Dream Company: Nueva Ola Technologies
Creating the home of the future.


Purdue University

Cesar Guillen

EasyDev is a visual backend development tool for websites.

A partner, particularly knowledgeable in business, that can help transform EasyDev into a startup.

University of Illinois

Mateo Campoverde-Fordon

Eclectic is a multifunctional fashion app that acts as a digital closet keeper that allows you to create outfits and provide personalized shopping through our machine learning algorithms.

Back-End Development, Front-End Development, U/X Design

University of Illinois

Tori Smith

FastTrack is the modern artist's key to success in the music industry; a team-building platform with no strings attached. By connecting artists with professionals' feedback and services, we propel artists' content and strategy towards success--a modular record label platform.

Frontend/Backend Web Development, Graphic Design, Promotion Strategy, Customer Growth

University of Illinois

Josh Hoffman-Peterson

Inner City Capital
We provide microloans to qualifying students on the South Side of Chicago to break the cycle of poverty.

Analytical Skills

University of Chicago

Harrison Orlando

We are building an electrolysis device to convert excess energy into hydrogen and oxygen.

Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, and anyone with a technical skillset to help us in the product development.

University of Illinois

Chaitanya Gulati

Neo Vista
Digital frames reimagined.

Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Microcontrollers, UI/UX Design

University of Illinois

Pratyush Kumar

Novel Commons
We're building a tool for readers to take AR notes in physical books

React Native Development, AR + Computer Vision Knowledge

University of Illinois

Sulaiman Sanaullah

Potluck is developing a social network and food tracker mobile app where users can automatically scan their grocery receipts, receive expiration alerts, align their fridge with specific health and diet plans, and add friends' fridges to an ongoing feed with in-app lend/borrow/potluck features to reduce food waste and cultivate community.

Mobile/Tech Development, UI/UX, Marketing

University of Chicago

Emily Zhu

Rank N' File LLC
We aim to re-establish truth and authenticity on the internet by fostering authentic consumer reviews through our Review Gurus.

In the future, we are looking for Developers, Designers, and Business Developers

Purdue University

Akshay Murthy

We make the discovery and planning of courses and academic programs (majors, minors, certificates) frictionless so students can spend less time experimenting with courses and majors and more time designing a college experience that builds toward a dream career.

Product Design/Management, Marketing, Full-stack SWE (React, Flask, MongoDB)

University of Illinois

Vibhav Kotriwala

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