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Looking for teammates to move your idea forward? Make your idea a reality at SocialFuse: a recurring pitching and networking event for you! Come pitch your ideas, find teammates to scale your startup, or just sit back and check things out. Up to 20 teams are selected to pitch; you will receive an email if you are selected, however, late entries may be added pending availability.

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Connect with Startups That Pitched on February 3


Band Toogether
Band Toogether connects musicians to spaces so they can share the joy of creating music with others.

Marketing (Social Media, SEO, etc.)

University of Illinois

David Brewer

Dating Platform
The Dating Platform to end all Dating Platforms.

App Designer, Computer Engineer

University of Illinois

Al Stahnke

Distress Text Line
Brings the UIUC student community together to fight the mental health crisis by using student volunteers.


University of Illinois

Nithya Kalwala

Multifunctional fashion app that acts as a closet keeper and suggestive shopper. Our goal is to bring life back into small businesses that have struggled during the pandemic, through mutually beneficial revenue partnerships.


University of Illinois

Anushka Parikh

Celebrating architecture and nature with 3D home decor.

Looking for teammates to participate in the Cozad New Venture Challenge with skills in Computer Science, Marketing, 3D Modeling, and Architecture.

University of Illinois

Josh Moore

FastTrack connects aspiring musical artists with music industry professionals and service providers to deliver high-quality feedback and assistance, in order to create high quality music releases.

Web Developers (Frontend, Backend, Full-Stack)

University of Illinois

Josh Hoffman-Peterson

We're using game theory and personalized storytelling to fix online dating's conversion problem.

UI/UX Designer, Front-end Developer, Digital Strategist

University of Illinois

Sathwik Reddy

Illini Box
Reusable takeout container system.

Sustainability Analysis, App Development, Sales & Marketing, Logistics

University of Illinois

Justin Holding

Job Search Squad
This free online course, tools, and community is aimed at helping job seekers find the best offer possible.

Seeking a technical cofounder, ideally someone who has experience with bootstrapping projects.

University of Illinois

Alan Sokol



University of Illinois

Mona Fang

Laboratory of Acoustic & Soundscape Ecologies (LASE)
Analysis of sound is a low-cost, non-invasive, effective add-on to to any research venture, citizen science, and/or school curriculum.

Electrical Engineering, CPU Hardware, Programming, App Development, Website Design

University of Illinois

Jonathan Freiman

Buy/Sell used items through smart lockers.

Marketing Strategy, Social Media Manager, Design of Promotional Material

University of Illinois

Tarek Elgamal

MiSH Smart Wraps
MiSH is a microencapsulated self-healing durable hydrogel material with integrated sensors, applicable in contact lense or dressing form, that can be used to target burn wounds, eczema flare-ups, infections, pressure sores/ulcers, diabetes tracking, etc.

Mechanical prototyping, electronics, material scientist/engineer, software development, electronic/material manufacturing, academic/industry advisors

Oakton Community College

Tayyaba Ali

NASADYA solves the growing problem of variability management in the energy grid for power plants by converting a money losing by-product, excess energy, into money making co-products, hydrogen & oxygen.

ECE, MechE, MatSE Students (Undergrad, Masters, and PhD)

University of Illinois

Chaitanya Gulati

Solving the Social Dilemma
Creating a better form of social media to stay in touch with people without targeted/suggested ads and content, the sale of people's personal information, profit-driven behavior control, and so forth.

Creative Thinking, Solution Ideation, Solution/Product Validation

University of Illinois

Abhi Kamboj

Low cost LiDAR technology makes it possible to create a highly detailed pedestrian map that would enable people with disabilities or mobility restrictions better access to public spaces, via a guide to the safest and most accessible way there.

Passion for Social Causes, iOS Development

University of Illinois

Nathan Seiler

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