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Thank you for everyone that joined us on Thurs., Oct. 15!



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Connect with Startups that Pitched on Oct. 15

ACAPALA  |  Tianle Liu  |

  • University of Chicago
  • Pitch:
  • Seeking:

Atante  |  Lucas Najera  |

  • University of Chicago
  • Pitch:
  • Seeking:

Ascent Integrated Tech (AIT)  |  Paul Couston  |

  • University of Illinois
  • AIT is building human augmentation technology for workers in extreme environments. Our first product is a high-tech mask that protects the user while also enhancing their perception with actionable alerts, step-by-step instructions, and new ways to communicate.
  • Seeking: Developers (Front-End, Back-End, and Full-stack Developers, UI/UX Designers) and Engineers (Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, Embedded Systems)

Bubbles  |  Rohan Sreerama  |

  • University of Illinois
  • Bubbles is a seamless online meeting experience built directly on top of Zoom that allows attendees to view all their ongoing meetings at a glance, have access to rich insights before entering, and even be in two places at once.
  • Seeking: We are looking for students with experience in Software Engineering, UI/UX, and Business Development. More than anything, we are looking for people who understand and enjoy working with our product with a passion to learn and push the Bubbles vision forward.

Campus Casts  |  Josh Moore  |

  • University of Illinois
  • Campus Casts is designing detailed 3D models of college campuses for decoration on desks and walls.
  • Seeking: 3D-Modeling, Online Business Skills

CoinFunding  |  Jay Liu  |

  • University of Illinois
  • CoinFunding seeks to eliminate cumbersome coin handling and maximize coin impact.
  • Seeking: Marketing and Business Partnership

Embedder  |  Xander Arnao  |

  • University of Chicago
  • In order to make early career learning easier for college students, Embedder will use matching algorithms to connect students with professionals and intelligent software to teach relationship-building skills.
  • Seeking: Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Education

EnerZ  |  Arpit Dwivedi  |

  • University of Illinois
  • Sun doesn’t always shine and wind doesn’t always blow so we store renewable energy for making the world’s clean energy transition possible.
  • Seeking: Chemical, Mechanical Engineers or anyone passionate about clean energy.

Equability  |  Hilary Pham  |

  • University of Illinois
  • Equability is a clothing modification service that changes the challenging features of clothes to help people with disabilities.
  • Seeking: A Partner with Finance/Accounting, Marketing, or Fashion Industry experience or a short term partner with Sewing experience.

Folios  |  Matt  Zhou  |

  • Pitch:
  • Seeking:

IlliniBox  |  Justin Holding  |

  • University of Illinois
  • Illini Box is a reusable takeout container system that promotes sustainability, cost savings, and customer loyalty.
  • Seeking: Marketing, Sales, Logistics, App & Website Development or anyone interested in Sustainability!

Meliora Disinfecting  |  Jack Goodkin  |

  • University of Chicago
  • Meliora Disinfecting is a service disinfecting company that provides affordable and high-tech disinfecting solutions to commercial properties.
  • Seeking: Teammate to specialize in Marketing, Front-end Development, and Design

Not a Restaurant  |  Ramky Mantha  |

  • University of Illinois
  • Not a Restaurant is a 2-way mobile market-place, connecting foodies looking for authentic, native, different food beyond restaurants with chefs cooking in commercial and home kitchens. Customers can search, order, and pay from app. Businesses offer pick-up, self-delivery, and shipping (some products).
  • Seeking: Customer Research, Concept & Branding, UI/UX, Flutter mobile app development, aws (Amazon Web Services ), Micro Services Architecture and Development, Payment Platforms (Stripe)

PocketTask  |  Marie-Liesse Gouilliard  |

  • Pitch:
  • Seeking:

SmartForms  |  Sreyas Agarwal  |

  • University of Illinois
  • Pitch:
  • Seeking:

Tavo  |  Tadas Kunickas  |

  • University of Illinois
  • Pitch:
  • Seeking:

Vertical Grooves, LLC  |  Tony Vitale  |

  • The “Classic" Floating Record player offers a small footprint vertical turntable for vinyl music enthusiasts that not only want to make the best use of their space but, hear... and see... their music.
  • Seeking: Passion, genius… and the love of vinyl. And Marketing.



Details about Pitching


  • Up to 20 teams are selected to pitch; you will receive an email if you are selected, however, late entries may be added pending availability.
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