ILEE Application Deadlines

  • To be eligible for Spring 2022, you must apply by OCTOBER 30, 2021 (applications typically open on September 15)
  • NOTE: Students must apply during the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th semester at the University, have taken at least 1 required TE course (or if in their 2nd semester, be enrolled in a required TE course), and have worked out a plan with advisors to obtain both their primary engineering degree and the ILEE degree in a timely fashion.

Application process

To apply for the ILEE Dual Degree Program, please follow the steps below:

  1. Check to ensure that you are eligible.
  2. Click the ILEE Application button below. It will take you to the Engineering Portal Student Transfer page. NOTE: This seems confusing since you're not transferring, but for now this is the correct process to apply for the ILEE dual degree.
  3. Log In
  4. For "Choose a College to Transfer to", select "The Grainger College of Engineering"
  5. After the new page opens, answer the three questions at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to choose a portfolio type. This will allow you to choose the ENGR Portfolio (do not start a PREP Portfolio).
  6. Click "Continue to your portfolio"
  7. The portfolio page will open. Fill out the entire portfolio, taking note of the items below:
    • For the first question in the first section, “What major(s) are you initially interested in?”, answer by stating that you are seeking a dual degree—one degree in: [insert home department major, i.e. Electrical Engineering], and one degree in Innovation, Leadership, and Engineering Entrepreneurship.
    • You will need to upload your resume and write a personal statement.
    • You will need to upload the Engineering Dual Degree Form to your portfolio. Visit the Engineering Undergraduate Programs Website, and click on Application Process to download the form. 
    • Then, obtain the needed signature(s) on the Dual Degree Form, and upload it to the portfolio. The signatures needed are (1) your home department advisor's signature, (2) TEC signature (Brooke Newell,, and (3) and (4) the Undergraduate Programs Office Dean. For signatures (3) and (4), Brooke Newell will obtain the signatures. You will be sent the completed, signed Dual Degree Form (See image below).
  8. Under the final portfolio section called "Apply - Majors of Interest" there is a section called "Major Selection". For the first question "Identify your top major of interest", you MUST answer "Innovation, Leadership and Engineering Entrepreneurship". This will NOT displace your home major. Ignore the next two questions about identifying your second or third major of interest.

ILEE Application

If you have any questions, please contact us at