Creating your own circuits has never been easier with Electroninks

9/12/2014 Preena Patel

 After receiving support on the research of their project, Electroninks, Brett Walker and his PhD supervisor, Jennifer Lewis decided to pursue their entrepreneurial idea further. 

Electroninks is a startup that creates a product called Circuit Scribe, a rollerball pen filled with conductive silver ink that can be used to draw circuits.  As simple as drawing on a piece of paper, you can now create your own circuit with a mess free, instantly drying pen. 

In their lab, Jennifer and Brett’s team not only has created a water based, non-toxic ink, but they have also created magnetic modules that can simply be attached to the circuit that was drawn.

Last year, Electroninks had an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign that helped them raise $675,000. With the help of this thriving campaign, Electroninks was able to start production in the hopes of getting their products in stores and classrooms. 

Electroninks has recently developed a partnership with Autodesk to help design and manufacture the pens.  Circuit Scribe pens will also be sold through the new 123D Circuits store on the Autodesk website. 

Although Electroninks is now in full production with their Circuit Scribe pens, in the future, Brett hopes that Electroninks will be able to “create other products such as resistor and insulator pens.”