International Students and Entrepreneurship in the US

10/6/2014 Preena Patel

This September, the Technology Entrepreneur Center (TEC) hosted a workshop called “Visas, International Students and Starting a Company.” The event was a chance for students to learn answers to questions about starting a company in the United States, Visa classifications, as well as options for getting immigration sponsorship.

Jenifer M. Brown, Partner at the law firm Ice Miller, spoke at the event. Jenifer practices immigration law at Ice Miller and provides students, organizations and companies with advice on filing of paperwork with the Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of Labor and State.

At the event, Jenifer also covered topics such as how to obtain a Green Card and how to apply to be a Permanent Rand Labor Certification.

Attendee Jenifer Kim states, “As the Assistant Director for Employer Outreach with the Graduate College Career Development Office here on campus, I advise many international students regarding their career search. I believe the most beneficial aspect of the event was the experience of the speaker and the context that she was able to provide regarding the different visa options she shared with the group.”

To watch the entire lecture please watch our video: