Congratulations to Cozad Teams Moving On to Next Round

2/26/2016 2:04:12 PM

This past Tuesday and Thursday’s Elevator Pitch Nights marked the beginning of the 16th annual Cozad New Venture Competition hosted by Technology Entrepreneur Center at the University of Illinois. After hearing over 100 new and unique pitches, we are excited to announce the teams that have made it onto the next round. All teams were judged by a panel of experts based on five criteria: value proposition, market opportunity, technology/product or service, the team and their pitch.

We would like to congratulate and wish the following teams best of luck as they move forward in the competition:

  1. Amber Waves Grain Sensing
  2. ActiveVR
  3. Amelia
  4. Balance Better
  5. Becoming Unbreakable
  6. Bionum
  7. BioWire Analytics
  8. Bygo
  9. Cast 21
  10. Chagos Archipelago
  11. ChairDrop
  12. Chargvest
  13. Corvae - Wireless ECG Monitoring
  14. eMotion
  15. ExoWear
  16. EZ Investment
  17. Falsified drug detection service
  18. Fashfetch
  19. Filings
  20. Finger Diagnostics
  21. Flower Power Energy
  22. Gureka
  23. Gymnasium
  24. Hindered Polyuria Technology
  25. IBN: Inspired by Nature
  26. id.
  27. LifeRewards Club LLC
  28. Miriam
  29. MKI
  30. MyMetrics
  31. MyriaDrive
  32. Nardo Technology
  33. Pensivo
  34. Plasma3D
  35. PrintEDU
  36. RacingSnaps
  37. Reconstruct
  38. redC robotics
  39. Slick
  40. Sun Buckets, Inc.
  41. TenseSense Technologies
  42. The Phoenix Project
  43. Therapalz
  44. Touch Light Innovations
  45. Volume
  46. VR MD

Make sure to keep an eye out for these teams as they progress through the rest of the competition! A schedule of our upcoming Cozad events can be found here