Check out these TEC courses - ideal for Illinois Freshman!

5/31/2016 12:00:11 PM

If you are a freshman interested in engineering entrepreneurship, commercializing technology, or starting a company, please see the list of TEC courses offered below. TEC courses are intended for students who want to understand the business issues in engineering, as well as how new technology-based businesses are created and managed.

Students who have taken TEC courses have enjoyed gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to further their career paths, whether it is in a start-up, an existing enterprise, or someone in between.

Course Descriptions

TE 298: Decoding Dr Dre. What was Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s vision for building BEATS? What were the cultural, engineering, and entrepreneurial influences that ultimately shaped their business philosophies and product development strategies? How can creativity and culture be used to build an entrepreneurial venture? These are some of the questions that the course answers as well as uncovering the algorithms used to garner success.

TE 298: Introduction to ILEE: You will learn about innovation, including how to have world-changing ideas and bring them to be, and about leadership, including seeing what needs to be done and initiating action. You will learn about innovation leaders past and present, and you will select role models and mentors that inspire your own growth as an innovation leader. You will create a personal development plan to help guide your academic, professional, and extracurricular experiences in the years ahead. And you will work as a team with your classmates identifying candidate problems for innovation and pitching the problems, reframed as opportunities, to the rest of the class.

TE 360: Lectures in Engineering Entrepreneurship: Fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship and commercialization of new technology in new and existing businesses. Guest speaker topics vary, but typically include: evaluation of technologies and business ideas in genera; commercializing new technologies; financing through private and public sources; legal issues; product development; marketing; international business issues.

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