ILEE Dual Degree Presented at 2017 Frontiers in Education Conference

12/1/2017 11:10:56 AM Kyra Lavalais

University of Illinois faculty member Lav Varshney was recently selected to present on the publication of his paper, “The First Cohort in a New Innovation, Leadership, and Engineering (ILEE) Entrepreneurship B. S. Degree Program” at the October 2017 Frontiers in Education Conference.

Lav is a research assistant professor in the Coordinated Science Laboratory, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and a research affiliate in the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology and the Neuroscience Program.

Varshney’s paper focused on research questions on curriculum for the new degree program. After the presentation, the audience discussed the differences between ILEE and programs that the Gies College of Business offer, the advantages of the ILEE degree, and inquiries about the Discovery Partners Institute.

 “The academic discipline of engineering education is quite interesting since it has a mix of practitioners as well as those whose primary training is in the learning sciences themselves.  There is also growing use of modern techniques from data science,” Lav Varshney stated about his experience at the conference.

The ILEE FIE Conference held about 450 attendees from around the world.

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