7 Ways to Get Started with Entrepreneurship at TEC

8/14/2020 Urvashi Jha, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Have a winning startup idea at the back of your mind but can’t figure out what to do next? Looking for teammates to scale your startup? Wondering if you are taking your startup venture in the right direction? Want to drive your entrepreneurial skills by being an intrapreneur in a large organization? Interested in developing an entrepreneurial mindset? TEC can help you find answers to these questions with mentoring, funding, world-class campus resources, unrivaled experiences, and skill-building. You will get what you need to innovate, create, and transform your idea into a commercial success.

Venture competitions, networking events, certificates, courses, Bachelor’s degree in Innovation, Leadership, and Engineering Entrepreneurship (ILEE), we offer you all these hands-on experiences and more. Here are 7 ways to get started with TEC:

Join our Mailing List

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Get Social with TEC

Stay connected with the TEC community, and like, follow, and share entrepreneurship stories, industry news, competition wins, pictures, and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. For any information or questions reach us at tec@illinois.edu.

Come Meet Us, Virtually

Our team of experienced entrepreneurs, professors, faculty, and staff are always ready to have a conversation with you. We know it’s critical to meet like-minded people, mentors, investors, or fellow entrepreneurs to put your ideas in motion. We can talk you through your idea and connect you to the people who share your startup passion. We hold Entrepreneurship Advising Hours every Friday and you can find more details here. Feel free to set up a meeting by contacting us at tec@illinois.edu

Show up and Take Part

TEC offers several programs to choose from, but if you’re not sure which one to pick first, SocialFuse is a great way to start. SocialFuse is a recurring pitching and networking event where you can find teammates, pitch your ideas, and get feedback. Even if you’re clueless about pitching, and wondering if entrepreneurship is for you or not, you will have a great time at SocialFuse. You get to greet, meet, and learn what others have to say about entrepreneurship. Also, we highly recommend participating in our signature program: Cozad New Venture Challenge, and the popular Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Workshop. More information is to come about how these programs will look for 2020-21.

Enroll in Courses     

What better way to earn your course credits than working on your own startup? TEC offers over 25 entrepreneurial courses but we recommend starting with TE 100: Introduction to Innovation, Leadership, and Engineering Entrepreneurship. If you want to understand the broad spectrum of basic entrepreneurship concepts through various guest lectures, then TE 360 is the right course for you. Another interesting course to explore is TE 333: Creativity, Innovation and Vision. Questions? Contact us at tec@illinois.edu.

Earn Certificates

TEC offers two undergraduate and two graduate certificates to help you become a successful innovator, entrepreneur, intraprenuer and leader. Students who have earned TEC certificates say it has helped them progress their career at an accelerated pace.

Join Student-Led Organizations

Last but not least, join organizations such as Founders, Enactus, Entrecorps, Zero2One, and Cube Consulting to stay abreast with entrepreneurship happenings on the campus. These organizations will help you with resources, mentorship, professional development, employment opportunities, and consulting services.

Achieve your startup goals with TEC!