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TE 200 - Introduction to Innovation

Fall 2020

Introduction to InnovationTE200D163097OD01700 - 1750 W    Samantha Koon
Introduction to InnovationTE200D273672OD01600 - 1650 R     Marissa Siero
Introduction to InnovationTE200D373673OD01200 - 1250 R     Keilin Jahnke
Introduction to InnovationTE200D473674OD01200 - 1250 W    Christopher Murphy
Introduction to InnovationTE200L173901OLC11700 - 1750 M    Christopher Murphy
Keilin Jahnke
Marissa Siero
Samantha Koon
Introduction to InnovationTE200L273902OLC11700 - 1750 T    Christopher Murphy
Keilin Jahnke
Marissa Siero
Samantha Koon

Official Description

Fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation will be explored within the context of new and existing businesses. Creative thinking and inventive problem solving will be emphasized. Class Schedule Information: This course is intended for Innovation Living-Learning Community students.

Course Description

Students will enhance their creative thinking, innovative problem solving, and leadership skills and will learn how to apply these to a variety of career paths. This course also explores how entrepreneurs create value in both new ventures and within existing organizations. Meets POT A (January 25 - March 19, 2021).

Prerequisites or Restrictions

This course for Spring 2021 is open to ANY student living in ANY Living-Learning Community (LLC). For undergraduate students only.

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